Essential Pandemic Preparations for Another COVID-19 Lockdown

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Weathering a second coronavirus quarantine may be a scary thought, but it’s a real possibility that we all have to be prepared for. A coronavirus outbreak in your area may prompt authorities to issue another round of shelter-in-place orders to keep everyone safe. This time, however, you can be prepared! Before you have to hunker down again, transform your home into a refreshing and welcoming place where you actually want to spend your days working, exercising, relaxing, and bonding with your family.

Consider Moving

Many families find that with everyone in the house working and playing 24/7, elbow room is tight. If you’ve been toying with the idea of buying a new home that better fits the needs of your family, this could be the right time to make your move! The real estate market is in full swing following a brief slowdown during the initial coronavirus outbreak, and buyers everywhere are eager to secure a low interest rate on a mortgage. This means you may have to act fast to get the home you want! Work with a trustworthy real estate agent from eXp Realty for help finding your dream home during this uncertain time.

Say Goodbye to Bad Vibes

Spending time at home should feel like a positive, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience. If the atmosphere of your home feels negative, it’s time to make some changes! Redfin recommends refreshing your home by cleaning, decluttering, and using naturopathic remedies to purify your space. You could also try employing the Chinese practice of Feng Shui to make your home feel harmonious and balanced. Get rid of anything you own that’s broken, including appliances and tools you’ve been meaning to fix, and throw out old items hogging space in your fridge and pantry.

Do Some Cleaning

Besides decluttering your home, give everything a thorough cleaning. You’ll feel a lot better about being quarantined in a sparkling clean home! As you clean your home, Popular Mechanics recommends working from the top down, tackling fan blades and cupboards, then counters and tables, and ending with the floor. This will help you avoid cleaning the same things twice. Finally, clean your upholstery, bedding, and carpets so they smell fresh and clean. A quick way to deodorize soft surfaces in your home is to sprinkle them with baking soda before vacuuming!

Refresh Your Indoor Air

Did you know that indoor air quality is often much worse than that of outdoor air? As Smarter House explains, our homes are full of common air pollutants, including pesticides, dust, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted from building materials, wall paint, and furniture.

Interesting Engineering notes that improving your indoor air quality is a great step towards better whole-body health and can help your home feel much more refreshing. Open up your windows to encourage better airflow through your home, replace the filter in your HVAC system, vacuum regularly, and get some air-purifying houseplants!

Stock Your Kitchen with Healthy Options

When you’re stuck at home without much to do, it’s easy to indulge in unhealthy snacks. To prepare for the next quarantine, stock your home with plenty of nutritious options! The goal here is to make healthy eating as easy and convenient as possible, so stock up on healthy staples like whole grains, dried beans, nuts, and canned goods like tuna, diced tomatoes, and corn. You may also want to fill your freezer with perfectly portioned pieces of lean meat, like fish and chicken, that you can pop in the oven or add to a stovetop meal in a pinch. Stocking up your kitchen with nutritious ingredients can stop you from ordering takeout when you get hungry in quarantine, saving you money and helping you stay healthy!

No one wants to think about another coronavirus lockdown, but it may be necessary to reduce the effects of a second wave of COVID-19. Just in case, get your home in shape! Clean, declutter, get rid of bad energy, purify your indoor air, and stock your kitchen with good, healthy food. With the right preparations, you’ll be able to keep your family happy and healthy during another quarantine.

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